The Beginning of RiverPlace

Over the past decade Greenville has become a thriving metropolis for business and leisure travelers. Thanks to Mayor Knox White and the revitalization of the downtown area, a river that was once filled with pollutants from abandoned textile plants has become the life-blood of of our beautiful city. Eight years ago Hampton Inn & Suites at RiverPlace opened our doors and  welcomed guests into our home.

If you were to sit in our lobby, enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, you’d see guests traveling and coming together for many different reasons: business travelers excited to start new investments, friends reuniting to relive their stress-free youth,  families celebrating a wedding, couples celebrating anniversaries and long happy lives together, every day is a new adventure. The purpose of our blog is to entice you to visit Greenville. Rich in both history and hospitality, our city offers a variety of activities for visitors no matter their age or interests. Welcome to RiverPlace, we love having you here and the doors are always open.